Inspired by my grandfather’s career as a pilot in the Polish Air Force during the 1920s, Fata Morgana, Italian for an elaborate mirage, is a story of Antoine and Antoinette, an adventurous pilot/mechanic team from Poland, who decide to embark on a grand trip around the world in a decade alive and bustling with energy.

Throughout the story, they travel to places that shaped the history of flight, enjoying each
location’s history and culture. They experience things real and unreal — huge birds, tiny hot air balloons and other phantasmagoria.

With every new location comes different sensual delights — exotic textiles, comestibles, and heady scents. The pair pick these items up along with new sights and sounds. Fata Morgana connects the viewers imagination to the romance of air travel through illustrations, pattern design and ceramics. Here is a glimpse into their story…